Testing grounds for "modular" javascript approach. See this post for some background.

Base framework on this page is jQuery. Also works with the prototype framework.

Slab is a completely fictional company in the travel industry that has chosen to use Live Chat from LivePerson to connect with customers. There are any number of links on a page to open the chat window, which should only be activated when Slab's travel specialists are ready to chat in the Live Chat system.

Live Chat has pre-built buttons that handle this behavior, but they are ugly, and no reasonable person would want to include them on a well designed website. To get the online status of the travel specialists, Slab developers activate Live Chat's buttons in a hidden <div> and read the content to decide whether to show the site's custom links that open the Live Chat window.

If working, and Slab travel specialists are online, a "Chat now" link should appear below.